ron mueck's mass at the ngv triennial in melbourne, australia

Over the weekend, I came across an image of Ron Mueck's new installation "Mass" which is part of the National Gallery of Victoria Triennial in Melbourne, Australia.  It struck me very viscerally with the same intensity and fascination as seeing Patricia Piccinini's work, although there is a very different emotional lingering.  Both being Australian sculptors, I may have to explore the contemporary Australian sculpture scene more deeply.

You can find more images from the installation at Colossal.

As I have found myself engrossed in horror, the supernatural, the unexplainable and, speculative fiction this year, there is a particular resonance to this installation for me.  To reinforce this resonance, my current devouring of Cixin Liu's trilogy, The Three-Body Problem, has conferred even more timeliness for me.  

The NGV Triennale runs through April 18, 2018, so there is still time for me to book a flight to Melbourne and make my first trip to Australia.