More than 300 seconds from 10.15.2019

After my meeting last night, I had been thinking about how to start analyzing my different projects. Naturally, I gravitated towards the Daily Drawings as a starting point since that analysis has been started. My original idea was to select ten drawings each from 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 and then select motifs that were interesting from each of the Daily Drawings. From there, connect them to other projects by date. As it turns out, how to select ten drawings become my point of focus for the day and I settled on a random number generator to select five drawings from 2016 as a starting point. I went through the Daily Drawings and cropped out the motifs and elements that most interested me tonight. From there, I pulled up the Memory Walks records for the day(s) of the Daily Drawings and have juxtaposed them below.

Except for the masking tape one from February 7, 2016. I could easily pull out commonly used motifs that have been ongoing over the last couple years.

Finding how these cropped elements relate to by day to day walks will be an interesting process. Do I look at the whole day? Do I look at just the time around transit periods on trains?


020716.46 copy.jpg

2016年7月17日・西池袋・品川駅・羽田空港国内ターミナル駅・羽田空港ゲート71・高松空港ゲート3・高松空港・JRホテルクレメント高松・高松港切符カウンター・男木島港・さくら民宿・男木島港・男木島図書館・オンバファクトリー・高松港・瓦町駅・スーパーホテル・Doutor・餃子の王将・春風堂・ここからのファイン・2016年7月18日・スーパーホテル・高松築港駅・土庄港・バス停・セブンイレブン・福田港・福武ハウス・アジアカフェ・福武ハウス・福田港インフォメーションセンター・池田港・高松港・瓦町駅・タワラ屋・春風堂・スーパーホテル前・2016年7月19日・スーパーホテル・瓦町駅コインロッカー・瓦町バス切符売り場・FLAG瓦町・MF Book Cafe・FLAG瓦町トイレ・ダイソー・高松空港・エリエール・Family Mart・高松空港・高松空港ゲート2・羽田空港滑走路・羽田空港北門・リムジンバス切符自動販売機・羽田空港トイレ・池袋西口・2016年7月20日・西池袋・和光市駅・サンクス・広沢・RIKEN・池袋駅・Anytime Fitness・セブンイレブン・セリア・カフェドクリエ・セブンイレブン・西池袋・マイバスケット・2016年7月21日・西池袋・和光市駅・広沢・RIKEN・北参道駅・ビーンズクリニック・池袋駅・カフェベローチェ・西池袋・サイゼリヤ・セブンイレブン・2016年7月22日・西池袋・和光市駅・サンクス・広沢・RIKEN・池袋駅・たんぽぽ・カフェドクリエ・2016年7月23日・西池袋・Anytime Fitness・西池袋・池袋西口公園・ゴリラコーヒー・デメル・西池袋・マイバスケット・2016年7月24日・西池袋・恵比寿駅・Lawry’s・原宿駅・Apple Store・Camper前・池袋駅・たんぽぽ・セリア・西池袋・ビックカメラ・くすりの福太郎・カフェベローチェ・西池袋・Anytime Fitness・2016年7月25日・西池袋・和光市駅・書楽・サンクス・RIKEN・池袋駅・池袋西口公園

0717072516.88 copy.jpg

2016年9月29日・西池袋・和光市駅・サンクス・広沢・RIKEN・池袋駅・みどりの窓口・セブンイレブン・Family Mart

092916.107 copy.jpg


111016.135 copy.jpg


112216.153 copy.jpg

300 seconds (or more) from 10.14.2019

Spent most of the day thinking about the meeting for my upcoming exhibition. I brought the Remnants of Memory, Daily Drawings, Daily Drawing collages, and the Chigasaki Community Memory Map materials as a starting point for the discussion.

The meeting helped to refine what I am interested in working on for the exhibition. It also was an opportunity to reflect upon the different projects that I have worked on this year. With regards to the Inside the Daily Drawings Universe, I realized that the analysis I did for that installation was really just the starting point of the analysis and reflection on my process.

During the course of this year, a lot of practical concerns have played into my decision making process in the studio. Storage, ecology, and time are three that come to mind for me at this point.

Moving forward, I realized that deeper analysis into different aspects of my studio practice is going to be key for the upcoming exhibition. I am going to focus on the four ongoing projects - Daily Drawings, Memory Walks, Remnants of Memory, and Stories and look at the history of all these projects. Ask questions about the works themselves, ask questions about the process for making work for each of those projects and then asking the questions about how these works relate to my interest in memory. What kind of memory are each of these projects trying to evoke?

I need to read up on the different types of memory and their mechanisms from the special of TIME that I got on my last visit to the Bay Area.

In the course of tonight’s discussion, I started to think about how my other collections such as receipts and ticket stubs might also be brought into consideration for the December exhibition.

Right now, my timeline is to focus on analyzing the four different projects over the next month and see what discoveries and results come to light. From those discoveries and results, I will work on a new installation for the exhibition.

I walked into tonight’s meeting with no sense fo what shape this solo exhibition was going to take shape or how I was going to make it take shape. However, by the end of the evening I had a better sense of what I want to do and what I do not want to do for this exhibition as well as getting a clearer sense of how to move my studio practice forward.

300 seconds from 10.13.2019

Thinking about my upcoming solo exhibition in December, I have yet to really put down thoughts about what I am going to do. Here is a list of what I am thinking.

Artists I am looking at and thinking about

Sarah Sze
Chiharu Shiota
Diana Cooper
Yuko Mohri

Materials I am thinking about

Chigasaki Community Memory Map materials
Collages from Inside the Daily Drawings Universe
Daily Drawings
Memory Remnants



Analysis the focus of the next exhibition

What kind of analysis? How do I break down the information? What information do I break down? What is the relationship between the analysis and the new work?

Thinking about the work I made for Future Sound/Future Vision. Making work from leftover materials or materials that I have not used which have been sitting in my studio for years.