yearcompass 2017/2018

The end of the year has always been a challenging time for me and many others that I know.  I always get crushed under the weight of expectations for the year that has passed and the year ahead.

New Year's resolutions are always made and invariably broken.  So last year, I was introduced to a new approach to reflecting upon the year that has gone by and thinking about the year to come.  It takes the form of the YearCompass.  

For me, the YearCompass is a twenty-page workbook that allows you to reflect upon various aspects of your life without the weight of expectations and thinking of each year as a single definable time period.  There is a sense of continuity as you work through the pages of the workbook.  Once it is complete, you can give yourself a sense of closure on the present year and also know that you have given thought to the upcoming year without a list of things that you need to check off.

After completing my YearCompass for 2016/2017, I carry it with me so that I can look at it anytime I feel the need to locate myself.  In putting together the YearCompass, I also find that it motivates me to take more regular periods of reflecting on where I am.

You can find the YearCompass PDF at