where has my mind been, part iii

As the year has progressed, I have received invitations to participate in several group exhibitions.  The first one is currently ongoing through the end of June at the World of Glass in St. Helens, England.  The Size Matters group exhibition consists of works that are 20 cm x 20 cm or smaller.  I had originally planned to submit some Daily Drawings, but they fell just outside the size parameters. Mulling through alternatives, I decided to send three of my Daily Drawings Cells that were exhibited at the 2017 Nakanojo Biennale. 

Photo Credit:  Paul Cousins

Photo Credit:  Paul Cousins

Displaying the Daily Drawings Cells on the wall opens up another format in which I can create installations with this work.  In fact, this idea is much closer to the original exhibition plan that I had submitted for the Daily Drawings Network with the Daily Drawings Cells and Memory Walks covering all surfaces of the gallery space (walls, floor, and ceiling). 

Future Sound Future Vision.jpg

From July 13 – 23, 2018, Launch Pad Gallery will be holding the exhibition/event “Future Sound / Future Vision” in conjunction with World Listening Day on July 18th.  This project will consist of sound artists and visual artists where the visual artists will be creating work in response to works created by the sound artists.  With my work with elementary school students and Artfull Actionin Musashikoganei, I have had a revitalized interest in sound and visual arts which originated way back with my love of Wassily Kandinsky’s work.  For this project, I am planning to create work at the gallery over the course of one day.  While I could anchor this work along with the lines of the Daily Drawings Project or the Memory Walks Project, I am going to take an open ended approach to what I will do.  Beyond two-dimensional works, I am considering elements of sculpture, installation, and performance for this project.  This will be a very experimental work that will probably fall more in the place of being a work that opens up other possibilities for my studio practice.  I am grateful to Launch Pad Gallery for the opportunity to play with listening and making.

Last year, I had the opportunity to exhibit my Memory Walks Project with Jill d’Art Gallery at Art Nagoya 2017 which was then followed up with the three person exhibition “New Face” at Jill d’Art Gallery where I exhibited another iteration of my Memory Walks Project and some drawings mounted on panel.  2018 is the 10th anniversary for Jill d’Art Gallery in Nagoya and the gallery is organizing an group exhibition which will include 28 artists whom have exhibited with the gallery over the ten years.  I am excited to be invited to be part of this show.  With so many artists participating, it will be primarily and exhibition of small works.  For this exhibition, I have been thinking about the possibilities for these small works.  I have many stretched paper A5 panels which I have had the intention of working on over the last year, but almost all of them hang blank on my studio wall.  I am hoping to combine elements from my Daily Drawings and Memory Remnants Projects with these new works.  

And finally, it has been more than five years since I last exhibited my work in the Bay Area and I received news earlier this month that a curatorial proposal in which my work was included in was accepted for exhibition in April 2019!  Details are still forthcoming, but I am happy and excited to have the opportunity to share my work in the Bay Area after so many years. 

And with that I can conclude part iii which seems to be a long overdue news and update portion of my posts.  For "parts iv" and beyond, I hope to return to sharing more about what I am seeing and thinking in the studio.  Thank you for reading and stay tuned.