everyday circuits, april 2017
「日常回路」個展, 2017年4月

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アーサー・ファンは散歩記憶プロジェクトのために日々の記録を続けています。 2016年の展覧会 “My Everyday Life” (大田区 hasu no hana)の後、散歩記 憶プロジェクト(意識)と、日々ドローイングプロジェクト(無意識)の関係 の可能性について再考し、本展では、2016年にファンがギャラリーカメリアを 訪れた10日分の記録を取り上げ、その日に制作した日々ドローイング、そして 散歩記憶ドローイング(左)を再構築して、そして再び同じルートを辿っての 散歩記憶ドローイングの制作と、再制作したその日の日々ドローイング(右側) を展示しました。

本展で、ファンは別の素材を研究し、新しいプロジェクトとして卵の殻の代わ りにアクリルディスクを用いて2017年の 3月の散歩記憶を制作し、思い出の強 い日から順に積み重ねました。透過性のある素材のため記録は幾重にもなり細 胞のようにも見えます。

さらに新しい試みとして、ギャラリーの奥のスペースで「空の記憶」も発表し ています。2017年3月の新しい散歩記録と並行して、同じく毎日の中で見上げ た空の写真を記録し、これらを2017年3月の散歩記憶同様アクリルディスクで 制作し、思い出の強さを直径の違いで表しました。

2つ目の新しい試みは、アーサー・ファンとギャラリーカメリアの原田直子との コラボレーションです。ギャラリー空間でファンの興味を引いた場所の写真を500枚以上撮影しました。原田直子にとっては無意識、ファンにとっては意識を 働かせたこのビル、そして空間に詰まっている歴史や展覧会の痕跡、建築の面 白さに注目した結果、この空間の歴史の徴としての8点となりました。 

For “Everyday Circuits” at Gallery Camellia, Arthur Huang continues his exploration of everyday memories by expanding his Memory Walks Project in concept and materials.

After his exhibition “My Everyday Life” at hasu no hana in December 2016, Huang started to think more about possible relationships between his Memory Walks Project (conscious memory) and his Daily Drawings Project (unconscious memory).  To explore this idea, he created Memory Walks drawings for the ten days that he visited Gallery Camellia in 2016.  After these drawings were made, he repeated the walks for each of the days using only the list of departure points.  Immediately following each day of re-created walks, he made a second Memory Walks drawing to see how his memory of the day compared with this re-enactment of the walks.  During these re-enactments, he also created Daily Drawings that are displayed with the Daily Drawings from the day of the original Gallery Camellia visit.  This quartet of works for each day gives the artist and viewers an opportunity to contemplate connections between conscious and unconscious memory.

At the same time, Huang explores new materials for his Memory Walks project.  Instead of using the eggshell as a medium, he made his March 2017 Memory Walks drawings on thick, clear acrylic discs With each disc representing one day, they are stacked upon each other with the discs with the most memorable days on top.  The transparency of the materials allows for the lines to not only criss-cross as they do on an eggshell, but also lie on top of each other within a day and within a month.

Arthur Huang uses the back room of Gallery Camellia to exhibit two new projects.  The first project “Memories from the Sky” takes a new approach to remembering everyday memories.  For this work, Huang photographed the sky at various points during his walks for each day in March 2017.  Looking at the list of departure points for each day, he selected an image of the sky that represents his memory of that day.  These images are mounted on acrylic discs of different diameters corresponding to the strength of the memories and feelings from each day and installed as a cluster on the floor of the back room.

For the second project, Arthur collaborated with gallery director Naoko Harada to create a site-specific work that moves beyond his own personal memories. This new work addresses the history and memories embedded in the gallery space, Harada’s experiences of running Gallery Camellia, and Huang’s process of creating this exhibition.  His repeated visits to Gallery Camellia in 2016 made him curious about the history of the gallery space along with its unique interior architecture.  As a result, he made a number of visits to Gallery Camellia at the end of 2016 and in 2017 to document the different marks and spaces of the gallery during and between exhibitions.  Huang and Harada discussed stories and memories associated with images that Huang documented in preparation for the exhibition.  The resulting eight images in “Everyday Circuits” represent the history embedded in the space and attempt to transform the gallery space into its own living entity.